Where can I Find Settlement Agreement Help in Notting Hill Gate?

Are you looking for Settlement Agreement help in Notting Hill Gate or Bayswater? The Law Clinic has an unpretentious office on Pembridge Square and is a confidential space where you can speak with about your settlement agreement.

A settlement agreement is a contract between an employee and an employer; the employee typically signs away his right to litigate in exchange for a package (Money, good reference, back pay, etc). It is required by law that you seek out legal advice before signing such an agreement. This requirement is completely justified- We’ve seen agreements with ridiculous clauses, and we’d never advise someone to accept or turn away a settlement agreement without thoroughly examining it.

I work in Notting Hill Gate or Bayswater, can I get an appointment today?

The Law Clinic is willing to accommodate workers in Notting Hill Gate, Bayswater, Acton, or Ealing. We’ll skip lunch or move our schedule if you need to see us ASAP.

Can I get more from going to court?

The Law Clinic will advise you whether you can get a larger sum from court. Typically we’ll look at the evidence you can provide to bolster you claims and evaluate the sum. If you could get a larger reward from court we’ll speak with your employer or HR department on your behalf.

If they refuse to give me a larger sum, can I still accept the old agreement?

The negotiation of monetary funds will almost always destroy the previous settlement agreement. In our experience, employers will re-offer the same amount. It is important for employees to know that the re-offering of the old agreement is not obligated.

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