What to do with my settlement agreement ?

What to do With My Settlement Agreement?

What to do with my Settlement Agreement?

You should call The Law Clinic. Once you’ve been issued a settlement agreement, you’ll have a period time to accept the offer. Your employer’s representative will be eager to have you sign the agreement and put the matter to rest. It’s is extremely important that you do not rush, and you find an advisor.

You should decide what you want from your settlement agreement, and seek out legitimate legal advice.

If you call The Law Clinic, we will schedule you an appointment so that you can come into our office and explain situation surrounding your settlement agreement. Our office is a non-judgemental space, where you can be 100% honest and open about your activities at your place of employment. We will take all information into account before advising you on whether to counter-offer your settlement agreement or to accept. Most of the time we find merit in re-negotiating, so we immediately call your employer’s representative to get a larger sum.

Back and forth negotiations can take a couple days, and it might take about a week before you receive the fruits of waiting. We absolutely relish negotiations, and we’re not joking about that. Most large firms offering settlement agreements on behalf of employers are accustomed to dealing with employment solicitors. Employment solicitors do not negotiate earnestly, because their fee is a flat fee set by the settlement agreement.  These high street practices are always surprised when they encounter calls from The Law Clinic because we take our counter-offers extremely seriously.

If we pick up the phone to counter-offer, we fully expect a larger settlement. If the employer’s representative denies us, we try again, citing the evidence that we have to bolster our claim. Other representatives are actually quite surprised to encounter genuine opposition and our willingness to go to court for our clients comes out in negotiations.

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