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What London Firm Offers great Settlement Agreement Service?

The Law Clinic is the best place in London for settlement agreement advice. Unlike traditional employment solicitors, we are a firm that takes care and attention with every settlement agreement. Employment solicitors receive a pre-set fee to advise you through the signing of your settlement agreement. So if you’ve hired an employment solicitor in London, you face some major issues:

  1. Employment solicitors want you to sign the agreement and get out of their office– The faster you sign your agreement, the faster they get paid. Once you leave, they can take on another client.
  2. Employment solicitors do not want to want to negotiate for a larger settlement– They will get paid a set fee to advise you, as such, they do not want to reject your employer’s settlement agreement for a larger amount.
  3. Employment solicitors will not spend a lot of time on your evidence of your claims, if applicable- They will lead you to believe your court case is unimportant and will advise you to sign the agreement.

The service at the Law Clinic is different than at your high street solicitor. Our ethos is about you, and not about maximising the amount of clients we have in a day. When you come to us for a settlement agreement, we provide the following service, in this order:

  1. You call/email The Law Clinic and we set you up for an appointment. You email all of the documents that you can, this includes settlement agreement, any online evidence you have, etc.
  2. When you walk in the door, we’ll greet you with a delicious latte. We’ll take your coat and sit with you.
  3. We’ll then ask about your employment situation and your history with the employer. We want to hear everything. We will then look at your paper evidence you have brought with you to back up your claims.
  4. We’ll ask you some questions about the work environment and other employees at the company.
  5. We’ll tell you what award you could get from court.
  6. We’ll then read your settlement agreement, if we haven’t already, and highlight any unusual clauses or unsatisfactory issues.
  7. If you stand to gain more in court than what your settlement agreement states, we will recommend issuing a counter-offer.
  8. If you agree, your appointment ends there. The Law Clinic will then call your employer’s representative and negotiate a higher fee, and/or changes in the settlement agreement provisions.
  9. With a new settlement agreement, we will call you and inform you of the particulars. If you’re happy, you can rebook an appointment to come in and sign.
  10. You come in to sign and enjoy another tasty latte!

The service we provide is unrivalled, and we’ve never had a dissatisfied client. Pick up the phone and give us a call.

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