What is my Alternative to Getting a Solicitor?

Why not a firm of solicitors

Since late 2011, traditional ‘High Street’ firms have had competition from a new concept in the legal sphere with the advent of ABS (Alternative Business Structures). Many traditional firms have consequently felt threatened by these as they have now for the first time allowed non-lawyers to share management and control of a legal practice. Some of the common complaints of people who have the experience of hiring and instructing a solicitor are:

  • I have to leave large amount of monies on account/retainer
  • Money is deducted for each phone call made or received
  • I don’t know who’s working on my case
  • I cannot get in touch with my solicitor
  • Who’s going to be representing me in court?
  • I am unsure whether the court order has been complied with
  • I don’t know what is going to happen in my case
  • I’m uncomfortable with so much uncertainly

The Law Clinic differs from a firm of solicitors. For example, in a law firm a para-legal will conduct your case with the solicitor overseeing the progress. At The Law Clinic we are consultants. We offer precise, clear and reliable advice without the strain of having to justify a huge profit from our work. We are able to offer advice in all unreserved areas of law. We can support and facilitate anyone. If we are unable to offer any further representation, we are in a better position to refer the client to the best place. We don’t take on all work which falls upon our desk. We take on work which we feel we can make a difference. Moreover, we believe in creating personal relations with people and we work to foster a community with our clients.

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