Should I use a Employment Law Solicitor for my Settlement Agreement?

The average person will search Google for ‘Employment Law Solicitor’ once they’ve been offered a settlement agreement. Most people aren’t aware that there are other alternatives to an employment law solicitor. The Law Clinic is an alternative to the high street employment law solicitor. We are an insured firm that assist individuals in understanding and receiving settlement agreements as well supporting individuals that wish to go to court. Whether you should use an employment law solicitor or The Law Clinic depends on the individual circumstances of your case. We have outlined these situations below:

“I want a larger settlement”: If you want to fight for a larger settlement, stay away from employment law solicitors. Their payment is one lump sum granted by the settling company, they are not paid extra to negotiate with your employers to get more funds. Employment law solicitors typically have multiple settlement agreements open and they push to close on each one because they are not paid for extra work. The Law Clinic, unlike the high street solicitor, will readily take cases to court. We have taken cases to the employment tribunal before, and we can accurately forecast what a court award would be. Because the settling employer now sees a genuine attempt to get more funds, they are more likely to award a larger sum.

“I want to move on with my life immediately. I do not want to negotiate or go to court.”: If you’re in this situation, you can’t go wrong with an employment solicitor of the law clinic. Because you will not act on the advice given, and just need to understand the terms of the agreement, either firm can handle this. There are a significant portion of employees that fit within this category.

“I, and other employees from the same company, are accepting a settlement.”: Don’t go to your high street solicitor. Employment law solicitors wants to close cases as soon as possible as they are not rewarded for investigating. Employment tribunals are very favourable to groups of employees lodging a claim. Multiple employees in a claim can corroborate each other’s testimony; because the employment tribunal can’t compel former co-workers to speak on your behalf, most claims are limited to what the employee can prove. The Law Clinic will take the time to speak with all of your co-workers (that have been offered a settlement) and evaluate the potential case. Negotiating as a group will lead to much larger awards.

“I am unhappy with my professional reference on the settlement agreement.”: Either the Law Clinic or a firm of employment law solicitors can negotiate your reference. In an overwhelmingly large portion of cases, the employer will immediately change the reference. If you tell your advisor that your are dissatisfied with the reference, and he/she still pushes you to sign, get up and walk out of the door. You have every right to go to another advisor and you should! Employers do not want to go to court over a letter of reference, and they will almost always change it without resistance.

“I am willing to go to court/ I have evidence to back up my claims.”: Go to The Law Clinic. A typical employment law solicitor will push to have you sign your agreement as they do not receive a larger fee for investigating your claims.

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