Nando’s Notting Hill Gate Road: An Ode to Lemon & Herb

The staff of the Law Clinic are absolutely in Love with the Nando’s on Notting Hill Gate Road. We typically use this blog to talk about legal issues, or the neighbourhood, but we admire the Nando’s on Notting Hill Gate Road so much we felt we needed to share it.

About once a week (or more) we’ll go into the Nando’s on Notting Hill Gate Road and order. Vivek will order a butterfly with chips, and Grace and Britta will order a quarter chicken and chips each. We always get the Lemon & Herb marinade because it’s delicious with the right amount of spice. We’re such regulars that the staff know exactly what we want, where we want to sit, and how long it’s been since we were last in! We always sit at Table #23 because it is in the back corner of the restaurant and pretty empty.

The Law Clinic Highly prefers the Nandos on Notting Hill Gate Road instead of the Nandos on Westbourne Grove Road. The Westbourne Grove location is always filled with extremely young, loud tourists. The service is impatient and the speed of the food is very slow. We always avoid this location because the sheer noise level of the restaurant is so high that it immediately puts you on edge.

The Nando’s on Notting Hill Gate Road is such a treat to visit in comparison, and we love the friendly staff and the lightning fast service. If you are craving some peri-peri and in the Notting Hill area, make your way to Notting Hill Gate Road to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere. Whatever happens, don’t take table #23! We get so extremely jealous when we see people have stolen our special little spot!

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