Settlement agreement awards

How do I Maximise my Settlement Agreement Award?

There are a few ways to maximise your settlement agreement award. The most important factor to keep in mind is your in-hand award after you settle.

TIP #1: Gather as much evidence as you can: Gather all the evidence you can get to support your claims. See if any of your colleagues are willing to testify on your behalf. try to get in touch with people that have recently left the company, if they can support your case.

TIP #2: A bad employment solicitor will take ages to ages to get you a higher settlement. He or she may not even succeed, and while they may try for a higher amount, they will charge you for every hour they attempt to negotiate. This costs hours in time as well as draws out your payment.

TIP #3: Get someone who is 100% willing to go to court. If you have a claim that would stand up in court, you should acknowledge this option as a real possible outcome to receive the payment you are entitled to.  A good employment solicitor or the Law Clinic would be advisable. The difference between the Law Clinic and an employment solicitor is that we will negotiate without charging you for the extra hours.

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