Legal advice in Shepherds Bush

Free Legal Advice in Shepherd’s Bush

The Law Clinic offers a variety of legal services to the residents of Shepherd’s Bush, and is committed to providing  great quality Legal advice in  Shepherds Bush. Justice should not be a luxury only afforded to those who can pay exorbitant legal fees; our team strives to provide friendly, personalised legal consultation at a fraction of the standard cost.

We are well versed in many areas of law, including employment law, family law, and personal injury. We are also experienced in handling disputes between tenants and their landlords. Encountering legal problems can often feel overwhelming, and the last thing a person in this position needs to worry about is how to finance their pursuit of justice. The Law Clinic offers legal advice with careful consideration of the client’s specific requirements. Whether handling employment concerns in Shepherd’s Bush or domestic issues, our team conducts business with professionalism and a respect for every person’s unique situation.

Every person deserves access to legal care, regardless of financial cost. Nobody should feel trapped in a position that could be alleviated with legal action, such as a landlord dispute with a Shepard’s Bush landlord or a case of wrongful termination. If you feel you are being placed in an unfair or damaging situation and you need help, consider contacting The Law Clinic for an affordable legal consultation. We understand the variety of issues facing the Shepherd’s Bush community, and will evaluate your case with careful consideration of your personal needs..

If you would like further information or support then please get in touch.

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