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Legal Advice in Notting Hill- The Law Clinic

The Law Clinic was proud to be a part of the Notting Hill community. We extend our services to local business owners, employees, and residents, and are able to assist with a wide range of legal issues.

With the recent pressures of rising rent and skyrocketing business rates, many small business owners in Notting Hill are under unprecedented strain. In order to preserve the neighbourhood’s role as a unique enclave of independent, local businesses, employers in Notting Hill are increasingly turning to low-cost strategies. The Law Clinic recognises the value of locally owned businesses, and can offer cost effective assistance with a variety of legal concerns, such as tax advice and employment law. At rates far lower than those of traditional law firms, The Law Clinic can support the growth of your small business through these difficult economic times. Whether your business is on Notting Hill Gate road, Portobello Road, or even a humble side street in Notting Hill, we will give your business all the attention it needs. Our retainer service gives business owners access to a wide range of legal services, catered to their individual needs.

We are a clinic that specialised in employee and employer-related issues. Conflicts within a company can generate staggering legal costs and can be damaging distractions from other business-related issues. In our current economic climate, especially the tourist-drive market of Notting Hill, many businesses simply cannot afford to encounter these expensive legal concerns. The Law Clinic provides affordable legal advice to both employers and employees, navigating sensitive situations with professionalism and attention to detail. We ensure that legal issues, from contracts to workplace policies, are handled diligently and economically.

Every business, no matter how small, deserves access to legal advice. As proud providers of legal advice in Notting Hill, we support businesses in our community with all of their legal concerns..

If you would like any further information or support then feel free to contact us. 

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