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Legal Advice in Bayswater- The Law Clinic

The Law Clinic recognises the unique needs of the community for residents, employees and business owners. We believe that legal advice should be available to everyone, regardless of financial cost; our mission is to support our local community with a variety of legal issues, including employment law and family law, among others.

Traditional legal costs can often be too expensive for an average small business owner or resident. Legal challenges can be most damaging for people who can’t pay the staggering costs for a solicitor or barrister. At The Law Clinic, we believe that people should be empowered by their legal decisions – not restricted by financial obligations. Too often, cheap legal advice comes at the cost of accuracy and carefulness; unlike most clinics, we take a conscientious approach to our client’s individual needs, treating every case on an individual basis. Businesses in Bayswater are spoiled for choice when it comes to legal advice, and The Law Clinic refuses to separate its clients from the legal proceedings they face. We always make a point to explain legal proceedings so that they are understood by clients. We do not operate in the dark, instead we focus on empowering the individuals of Bayswater to engage with the law.

As specialists in employment law, we provide cost-effective options to both employers and employees. If you are an employer or employee in Bayswater, we would be more than happy to serve you. We cover a range of employment law issues, including settlement agreements, employment tribunal claims, as well as contracts and restrictive covenants.

We are a multi-faceted organisation, and also have experience in family law and landlord/tenant disputes, among others. Equipped to deal with concerns both in the home and the workplace, we are proud to serve the Bayswater community with cost-effective legal counsel..

Please feel free to get in touch and we will be able to offer our services.

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