Legal Advice for Residential or Business in Ealing

Legal advice in Ealing has never been more in demand. With the Financial Times calling the borough, a neighbourhood ripe for let-to-buy investors, legal lease advice has never been more valuable for Ealing residents. With the Crossrail arriving in the area in 2018, the area stands to see large price surges within the next decade. Those that live in Ealing are aware of how great of a value Ealing is, unfortunately, as prices rise, residents are pushed out to make room for owner-occupiers and to command higher rents.

It is very helpful to have a legal advisor look over your lease to make sure that you have as much flexibility as possible. You wouldn’t believe the crazy things we’ve seen written into leases, and most of these overly-binding clauses can be removed after a quick call to the estate agent. Unlike a High Street Solicitor’s office, we won’t charge an arm and leg to quickly look over your lease. Sometime all it takes a quick email and call to put your mind at ease before signing that legal agreement.

Business within Ealing should be more careful that residents about lease-signing. While residents can easily pop from one flat to another (As many Londoners are particularly adept at doing), businesses have a benefit from being in a stationary location and targeting locals in the area. Being forced to move will certainty cause a dip in revenues and destroy any marketing efforts that tied the location to a specific area. As with residential leases, the Law Clinic can amend your business lease to give your business as much flexibility and protection as possible. The Law Clinic can also assist you in negotiations and help you lock in a fixed rent rate so that your Ealing business isn’t tied to Ealing’s rising property market.

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