Free legal advice in Ealing

Free Legal Advice in Ealing

Located in Ealing

The Law Clinic understands the unique needs of the Ealing community. We provide cheap legal advice to both residents, employees and employers in Ealing, and are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to fair, comprehensive legal care.

The Law Clinic handles cases ranging from family law to employment law, as well as issues between landlords and tenants. In many cases, such as those between an employee and their employer, or between a tenant and their landlord, righting a wrong is largely dependant on how much money you can sacrifice for legal fees. The Law Clinic does not accept that fair legal treatment should only be afforded to those who can pay for it; whether you are a small business owner in Ealing or a tenant struggling to receive fair treatment from your landlord, we are available to provide experienced legal advice at an affordable price. In the past, we have assisted both employers and employees with workplace-related issues in Ealing, such as employment tribunal claims. We have also worked with clients on family cases, and have counselled tenants on often-stressful landlord disputes.

As members of the local community, we encourage residents of Ealing to consider our services when faced with legal problems. Don’t let the fear of legal costs stop you from seeking the justice you deserve; at rates far lower than those of traditional representation, we present an economic solution to a variety of common legal questions and complaints..

Please do get in contact with us if you would like further support or information.

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