Retaining Services for Businesses

For a monthly subscription, your business could have its own personal legal adviser, and the experience of a barrister and solicitor only a phone call or email away. Clients signing up to our support service will receive a very competitive quote (from less than £1.40 per week), individually assessed to recognise the unique needs of your business. We acknowledge how your needs can change, there is no minimum period you have to sign up for – you can cancel at any time.

Rather than having access to a call centre offering general legal advice, you will be given phone number(s) and email addresses for your experienced HR & employment law personal adviser, who will ensure you always receive tailored advice promptly. Knowing your business well, we’re able to give you appropriate and specific advice, rather than the general advice on employment law or HR policies available from some companies.
As part of the service, we take the time to learn about our new clients and their businesses. Our team will review your policies and practices to ensure that, whenever you need help, we’ll be able to place your issues into a context relevant to your business. We will also sit down with your human resources departments or hiring managers to give them the “Dos and Don’ts” of hiring and training.

There are countless benefits to receiving personalized legal advice. The Law Clinic cultivates relationships with each of our clients; we are knowledgeable about our clients’ history, and are be better prepared to deal with issues than recently hired counsel with no prior knowledge of the individual workings of your company. With a detailed understanding of your business and its employment history, we are fully equipped to deal with any issues that may arise. More importantly, we can circumvent such issues, along with their associated financial burdens, by providing a continuous and reliable source of legal advice over an extended period of time.

Real World Example:

Erik* is a long-time business owner, but has always sought advice from call centres providing generic legal advice. Recently, he has felt frustrated with these companies; the advisers seem to never fully understand his questions and how they specifically relate to his company. He is also tired of explaining the same details over and over again – every time he calls, it seems like he reaches a different representative who does not know him or the history of his business. In this scenario, The Law Clinic would provide legal advice tailored to Erik’s individual circumstances. Erik’s personal adviser would approach his professional needs with a comprehensive perspective of Erik’s business history, ensuring he gets the support he needs at a cost-effective rate.

*”Real World Examples” are hypothetical legal situations with fictitious characters unrelated to The Law Clinic’s previous cases.