Fees for legal advice

Our Fees

Legal fees can be expensive that is why cases are not pursued.  I try and do things in a cost effective way to help with the burden.  I offer free legal advice to all individuals. I offer no win no fee in some cases. I can assess your case at the outset to see if you qualify for this. Moreover I can charge on an hourly rate. This is useful if you need help with a certain aspect of your case, such as a claim form or witness statement. If we handle the whole case for you then we will offer you a fixed fee. This puts you in the picture and you know exactly what your case will cost, with no surprises later on.

No win no fee

No Win No Fee

When you instruct me, I will initially assess it to see if your claim has merit and if it is suitable for a no win no fee agreement. If I decide that no win no fee is suitable, I may offer to represent you on this basis. If you are happy to proceed I will send you a Damages Based Agreement (DBA)  and fully explain the way in which it operates. Once the agreement is in place we will then act as your representative. Our fees for representing in this way are usually a maximum of 35% of any compensation that is recovered by way of negotiated settlement or after a hearing. There is nothing to pay until I win the case.

My hourly fee

Hourly Fee

If I decide that the claim is not suitable for a no win no fee arrangement, we can still offer our services based on our hourly rate. Our hourly rate is £150 a hour. Time is charged the same for what ever task is being completed. Emails sent and received are charged at 1/10th of an hour this is explained in the client care we send out at the instruction stage. We are flexible about our fee arrangement so do contact us if you would like to discuss this further on 0203 659 6162.