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How Do I Know if I’m Getting a Great Deal on my Settlement Agreement?

Settlement agreement employment rights. To decide the value of your settlement agreement, you must value the value of your potential law suit against your employer. Financial sums in settlement agreements are offered to employees to insulate employers from future litigation. The strength of your potential claim in court will dictate the size of your settlement […]

Workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is one of the commonest reasons for employees needing to take long term sick leave from their jobs. It costs employers thousands each year, yet it seems to be something that is either swept under the carpet and not talked about, or dealt with in an inappropriate or ineffective manner. Your workforce needs […]

The Legal Services Act 2007

This article, will examine to what extent the Legal Services Act 2007 (Written as ‘Legal Services Act’ or ‘Act’) has been successful in widening the legal services market.  Firstly, this article will begin by explaining why reform of the legal services market was necessary.  Secondly, this article will ask what is question the legal service […]

Legal Advice in Acton

The Law Clinic is pleased to serve the legal needs of the Acton community. In today’s economic climate, the value of affordable legal advice is stronger than ever. We have years of experience in handling a myriad of legal concerns, such as landlord/tenant disputes, employment law and family law. Encountering legal dilemmas can be devastating; […]

Free Legal Advice in Ealing

The Law Clinic, New Broadway Ealing:  Here at the  Law Clinic I  understand the unique needs of the Ealing community. I provide cheap legal advice to both residents, employees and employers in Ealing and the surrounding areas, and are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to fair and  comprehensive legal care. I handle cases ranging from […]

Free Legal Advice in Shepherd’s Bush

The Law Clinic offers a variety of legal services to the residents of Shepherd’s Bush, and is committed to providing  great quality Legal advice in  Shepherds Bush. Justice should not be a luxury only afforded to those who can pay exorbitant legal fees; our team strives to provide friendly, personalised legal consultation at a fraction […]

Legal Advice in Bayswater- The Law Clinic

The Law Clinic recognises the unique needs of the community for residents, employees and business owners. We believe that legal advice should be available to everyone, regardless of financial cost; our mission is to support our local community with a variety of legal issues, including employment law and family law, among others. Traditional legal costs […]

Legal Advice in Notting Hill- The Law Clinic

The Law Clinic was proud to be a part of the Notting Hill community. We extend our services to local business owners, employees, and residents, and are able to assist with a wide range of legal issues. With the recent pressures of rising rent and skyrocketing business rates, many small business owners in Notting Hill […]