Disciplinary and grievance procedures are an essential part of any employment relationship. Managing these while ensuring you make the right decisions at the right time isn’t always easy, but it is a legal requirement for all employers. Our range of guides, coupled with our services and support, will help you through the process. Our support service also makes a specialist advisor available to you, who will guide you through each stage and confirm that your actions are appropriate, balanced, and legal.

Our range of disciplinary and grievance pages provide valuable advice for long-term planning and preparation, ensuring that your business is better prepared for all possible future events. If you are contemplating disciplinary action against an employee or have received a grievance and require urgent advice regarding your responsibilities as an employer, you need to act promptly, and therefore require a service that meets these standards.

Have you ever dealt with a disciplinary issue in the workplace? Imagine a manager has cautioned an employee for poor performance in the workplace and upon the conclusion of meeting, he gives the employee notice. If The Law Clinic was involved in this company, The Law Clinic would create the disciplinary and grievance procedures and educate all managers on the procedures for cautioning and firing employees. The involvement of The Law Clinic saves the business from having to pay out a settlement agreement or re-hire a disgruntled employee. We see many employee cases in The Law Clinic where the managers of a company simply did not adhere to a written disciplinary issue. Settlement agreements in these scenarios can easily land above £10,000.