The Law Clinic- Legal Advice in Ealing and the surrounding areas.

What does the Law Clinic offer?

The Law Clinic offers Free Legal advice in Ealing. We recently conducted market research and here are our results.

My name is Lode Lacaeyse. I am a student from Belgium and I have been working as an Intern in the Law Clinic for two weeks. In these two weeks, me and my co-worker, took over the marketing duties in Ealing.  We spent time in Ealing Broadway and Northfields. Northfields is a largely residential area which is located in Ealing, West London.

Ealing is a major suburban district of west London. This means that there is a community within commuting distance of the greater city, London. Nortfields is centred on a shopping street of mostly independent shops and local restaurants.

Because there are so many local stores and shops, I think ealing is the right place to offer the service the Law Clinic provides. Running a business involves a lot of responsibilities towards clients, employees and the business itself. That’s why it is necessary to undertake compulsory steps for which legal advice is essential.

We tried to find out what the people taught of the idea of offering a service which gives free legal advice, and for businesses the cost is one third of the price of a normal solicitor. We visited most of the shops in Northfields, and almost every single business was interested in this particular service. But not only the shops, also the people liked the idea of receiving free advice and having the opportunity to use a lawyer at a low price, because it can be very expensive.

What the Law Clinic offers:

The main mission is to support, advise and even enable self-representation to the clients. As a non-practising lawyer, the Law Clinic is permitted to deal with all non-reserved areas of law for the general public and the small businesses. This basically includes a low-cost alternative means of dealing with the legal problems. The main focus is employment Law, but this does not mean you can only contact this company if you have these problems. The Law Clinic also deals with consumer rights, drafting legal documents, personal injury and Will and estate planning.

How does the Law Clinic support the community?

It is simple. You never know when you need the use of a lawyer, or when you get involved with a case. Then it is always nice to receive free advice on how you should defend yourself or make your point in front of the judge. But, not everybody has the wealth to afford a (good) lawyer, and this is where The Law Clinic comes into play. People can use the help and the tips of this business and even if they want to take the case into further notice, they don’t have to pay a lot of money.

It is safe to say that The Law Clinic is a business that offers the right service in the right place. Do not hesitate to contact Vivek if you are in need of advice, because The Law Clinic will do everything to protect your interests.